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Welcome to the GP Elevators !

South-India’s Trusted Lift Manufacturing Company in Chennai

Renowned for the name "Best Lift company in Chennai" - more Efficient, more secure, and more comfortable

Chennai is home to several lift manufacturers and elevator manufacturing companies. If you're looking for a reliable lift manufacturing company in Chennai, you'll find a wide range of options to choose from. GP Elevators are one of the reputed, best elevator companies in Chennai are known for their expertise in crafting high-quality lifts and elevators to meet various needs, ensuring safety, efficiency, and reliability for both residential and commercial spaces. GP Elevators stands out as one of the leading lift company in Chennai. Get Free on-site inspection for passenger lift, scissor lift, goods lift, hydraulic lift and much more.

GP Elevators - Trusted lift manufacturers in Chennai offering Lift establishment, Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) administrations, elevator installation, and Modernisations.

We are 16+ years experienced adept lift dealers in Chennai, been introducing a wide range of elevators both industrial and commercial sorts. Lifts from "GP Elevators" are structured with safety measures to prevent accidents. Get instant free quotation from one of the leading lift companies in Chennai. Call now! Experience the Elevator Experts! From residential and commercial to specialized lifts like glass, capsule, and more, we've got it all. For premium lift solutions, call 9962460419 now! Our best lift experts covers various lift models, from industrial and commercial passenger lifts to residential, hospital, and specialized lifts, including Kone elevators, glass lifts, capsule lifts, and more.

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Experienced Manpower Services

GP Elevators has the team of distinguished and dedicated manpower of qualified engineers and skilled technicians.

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High quality premium services

Quality is important from all the above else in every aspect of our performance.

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On time finished projects

We will provide executively challenging projects and successful contracts, on time.

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Post Installation Support

We provide complete post installation support for all installations and every service undertaken.


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Unlock the power of flawless vertical transportation with our specialized lift repairs

High Quality Innovative Products at affordable costs

Trust the experts to keep your lifts in peak condition with our comprehensive service offerings. Don't let a faulty lift slow you down - our skilled technicians are here to help!.

Experience the difference of prompt and professional lift repairs that exceed your expectations.

Get Free On-site Inspection Today!

Experience smooth rides every time with our expert lift repair and service solutions!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, we do install elevator installation in old and existing buildings. Firstly, we visit the site and do the Setting up of lifting equipment risk assessment checklist. Then we will proceed based on the result. We have done our projects in CSI English Wesley Church, Mannady - which was constructed in 1861, more than 150-years-old building.